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Sgt Beavis 03-15-2021 06:54 AM

78yo Grandma can powerlift 413lbs
I just loved this. This Granny started hitting the gym at 65.


Tx Redneck 03-15-2021 06:57 AM

Holy crap that's incredible! Git it Grandma!

Broncojohnny 04-01-2021 06:36 PM

That's great. There was a guy in Arkansas in the 90s, Daryl Johnson, who had the world record for squats over age 60 and 70. He routinely did over 600 pounds. I saw him do it in person several times.

Sgt Beavis 07-27-2021 09:09 AM

Another Granny that can whoop yo ass. She started lifting at age 71 and is now 75 and a beast. It's never too late to start.


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