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95DRGT 09-05-2017 07:44 AM

Home Audio Q
I running Direct TV box through my Yamaha RX-V667 receiver which is pushing out to a speaker selector that has speakers in 3 zones (garage, rear patio, and outdoor arbor with TV).
Each zone has its own volume control.

When I switch to Tuner from TV without turning down the volume the unit 'spikes' and shuts off power. It will power back on in 'Tuner' function if the master volume is reduced.

The long run to Arbor is about 140' from Receiver if that makes any difference.

Any help is appreciated.

juiceweezl 09-11-2017 01:05 PM

I am not using my Yamaha in multiple zones, but from what I remember, both it and the old Harman Kardon I used to run both had an option to set the volume level to a default every time you switched inputs. Maybe the level is set super high for some reason? Check to see.

BP 09-11-2017 01:43 PM

I'd check the impedance of all the speaker wires at the tuner. It could be going into protection mode for some reason. Burned up voicecoils can be a direct short if it's bad enough.

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