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Originally Posted by BLAKE View Post
I don’t really care about the infidelity, but I am highly entertained by the story.

Guys on the Ticket have compared the whole thing to an episode of Righteous Gemstones, and it seems about right. Lots of layers and the baby momma sounds like a real gem. Featured in a constant state of drunk and horny on some trashy rich bitches of Dallas reality TV show and involved in a domestic where a well-meaning stranger shot her BF in the chest.
Said well-meaning stranger hopped on the Hangzone yesterday afternoon to discuss the incident and tell his side of the story. Sounds like a clean shoot, and the grand jury No-Billed him back in 2013 so they agreed it was clean.
Originally Posted by stevo View Post
Not a good idea to go Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor on the power phallus.

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