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I've been carrying for 5 years now, have not even had anything remotely close to make me think to draw. I think it's 99% situational awareness, 1% action.

That being said, I have my decision split into two scenarios:
1) I'll draw down at the slightest hint that either my wife or 2 year old son is in any danger. They are the whole reason I got a CHL. As long as I maintain distance, my weapon shouldn't be in danger of being taken. Even being followed in a parking lot would make me draw and tell them to get lost. Don't care about being arrested, their lives are priority.

2) If it's just me, they'll have to try to punch, stab or draw a weapon on me before I draw. I imagine a jury of my peers would acquit me with a female and toddler being protected instead of a lone white male with no witnesses/other victims.

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