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Originally Posted by ELVIS View Post
for the record i wasnt trying to be a cocksucker with my comment. i just figured that was a lot of coin in audio. i aint had shit since cerwin vegas and punch amps.

god bless.
I got ya man, I didn't take it that way.

Originally Posted by Tx Redneck View Post
What trips me out is NONE of yall or the participants using any kinda hearing protection. W/that kinda Db, it can affect your heart, much less eff your ears.
To be honest bass that is below 40hz isn't that bad under 160db. Its the 50-60 hz range that really hurts. That's why mine is tuned to 25hz. I cant stand hurting bass. Plus I only take it out a few times a month.

Out of all the shows I go to, I only come back hurting if the Mexicans and brazil guys are all playing their stunt walls (all highs) at the same time with the doors pointed at us. Now that shit hurts.. I'm sure they find our bass just as annoying though.

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