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Well I haven't had time to build the wall for 4 18s yet. I'm waiting a few more months. I kept the blown x18 and just bought 2 new ones and stored them. I have all the hardware. I just need the time. I'm expecting 155-156db since I'm already tapping close to 152db with this shitty ass box. My goal really is 150+ DB at 20-25hz. I couldn't really care less about SPL, its just a nice bonus. I like low end.

Inverting my subs helped since the jackass didn't calculate for bracing. I really don't like how the panels came out around the sundown logo, but hey all I had was a hand dremmel at the time.

Stacked my amps and it solved my heating problems without having to add fans. Just got them off the carpet. They are running at .5 ohm each. The Mid range and High amps are running @ 4ohm. Both are Sundown 300w and the bass is scv 4000s strapped.

Fabbed up some more speakers up front to replace my alpines. These were expensive as hell and to be completely honest I like the sound of the alpines better. These are much louder though. At least I'm 100% sundown now.

Mechman 370. Bitch cost me 700 bucks but its worth it. I had a ebay "350a" in there before and having this one is like night and day with voltage drops. I may throw the old on back on with the mechman. I have clamped 800a going to my bass amps alone. Clamped 7800w true RMS at .5 ohm so one 370 amp alternator still doesn't cut it. I'm in the realm of dual alts now. This one is working very hard and runs very hot.
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