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Got 3 ohio generator 300 amp alts in now. Mechman 370 is gone.

Took out all the 1/0 CCA and did 4 runs of OFC power 1/0 and 4 runs of OFG 1/0 neg. Also had to make some D blocks. I don't like how they came out but they will work for now. .1 voltage drop from alt to rear bank. 240 ft and 1k later...

This is nowhere near done.. It will have lights, fans, more panels, amp racks, ect but I will be building on this. Electrical is 100% functional right now. All switches and volt gauges are working to the back, just need to hook up relays and go from there.

Box is on point. I will be adding more panels but the cabin is 100% sealed. Its 28 sq ft net and about 35 gross. Tuned to 25 I'm expecting around 156 on 10k but the guy who sealed it and did my roof said it could possibly do 158s. Not at 45hz either we are talking 158 @ 28 hz or so lol

Still waiting on my subs to be built >.>
They are sundown X18 V.2 with upgraded zv5 frames and NS V.3 coils.

More in a few weeks..
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