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Originally Posted by soap View Post
So I'm at the point to wear whereregular gun ranges are boring for me now. Do any of you guys shoot competitively and if so what division. I've been looking at IDPA. I'm just kind of looking to be pointed in the right direction of how to get started any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.
I've been shooting USPSA since like 2006 I think and IDPA I started in like 2004ish. I shoot USPSA just about every weekend.

For new shooters I recommend an IDPA match or two at first as it's less intimidating. You'll still come in close to last, don't be surprised or disheartened it's just how it goes. There are a lot of options for the IDPA matches, pretty much every weekend if you look for them. Steel matches are also available like every other Wednesday night at Elm Fork. is where you'll find most matches.

As for getting started, I know you like Glocks so start with a G17 or G22, an OWB holster (kydex is best) at least a double mag pouch, possible 2x doubles for 4 mags on the belt. And you'll want minimum 5 mags. You'll also need a good belt, glasses, and ear muffs/plugs. I'd recommend going with a G22 for the most flexibility or a G35. If you use .40 cal in IDPA it's a bit more recoil but for USPSA you could shoot Limited division and be able to score major power factor whereas 9mm is minor only outside of Open Division. With a G35 you could shoot in either ESP or SSP in IDPA, and use the same gun in Production or Limited in USPSA. Or get a G34 MOS and have all those same options as well as Carry Optics in USPSA (minor scoring only so no disadvantage except in Limited).

Don't spend a lot of money on anything until you get used to it. The first thing you'll want to do is practice at home in dry fire sessions (daily). Practice your draw a lot, as well as moving from one spot to the other keeping the gun pointed directly downrange with your finger well clear of the trigger. It needs to be second nature to remove your finger from the trigger during draws, movement (unless actively shooting a target on the move), and reloads. Read the rules for whatever you're going to shoot, and understand that no one cares how fast or slow you are, only that you are SAFE, especially for new shooters... gotta build that trust.

Every other Monday there is also an IDPA match at Frisco Gun Club, indoors. Be sure no matter which match you go to you show up early enough to attend the new shooters briefing.

Me personally, I pretty much only shoot USPSA now in Open division. I'll be happy to answer any other questions as well, and if you want to go shoot a match and I can make it I'll buddy up with you and show you the ropes.
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