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So, 600 miles this year, and destroyed Hachie last time I went. I figured I would give Big Cedar a try last week. I was out there about an hour and a half and almost figured out my way around. What was confusing was every where I turned it had arrows to judgment day. I kept thinking, how the hell do I keep ending up on this same trail! After reading the reviews again I realized it was a race they had, jeez take down the signs. My Strava app said I was through the roof on exertion. I was going to ride the next day but ended up napping a lot. Super nice riding area though and I dug the new pavilion.

The weirdest thing about mountain biking is I never feel like I am really riding that hard but in the end I have blown away stats from riding my road bikes. I did download a new app called trail forks after that ride. Brilliant I tell you. It is like Google maps for trails. I may give the ole Cedar Hill State Park a go tomorrow since it tried to kill me 19 years ago as a large fella.
Nice-I need to check a decent app like that. I did CHSP last week after several years away and itís as good as ever
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