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What a hell of a day yesterday. Got the car up to Oklahoma for the Rally Sprint event. biggest track I've ever run at 1.3 miles. Car id great till it blew out a strut mount after like the 10th plus run with 4 different drivers. Here's my fastest pass of the day.

The wing lead to some hard laughs and potential new names for the car. the Subistang, the stangaru... it went on from there and everyone started calling the wing a "wang" so for the rest of the day I received glowing complements about my large wang. We are all large children in the end. here's a few snaps of the car I took while other people where turning laps. The wang is growing on me (lol) and I'm really liking the new color that the rest of the car will soon be, and the paint itself is much better and held up great. The valspar I used last time is garbage. anyway, now I need to order some strut bushings, and replace the front hubs, oh and I should really do an oil change. I have a race in Ennis in 3 weeks. sorry about the big pics of my wang.

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