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Originally Posted by Baron Von Crowder View Post
ScottJ, I'm not going to step on your feet, but if you're going to pass on a few of these, post up so maybe someone (like me) might step up and take it.
I have a Kenwood KDC-BT955HD that I've been keeping as a backup. It's a nice single DIN unit with bluetooth and will run several streaming apps. Several years old of course but it works fine.

That and the Audison LRx 4.5 which was a great amp 10-15 years ago. Modern class D amps will blow it away but it's way better than head unit power.

The Diamond D971s are great separates and were really expensive. I think they retailed for $1200 and I paid well over $700 for them. They just have a weird 7" woofer with a really deep basket so they don't fit most standard doors. That and the external crossovers are huge.

I know I have an old style Audio Control 3.1 if you are looking for a pre amp with a bass boost (epicenter is that AC called theirs). Also have 3 12" Diamond woofers. They are very old and have dual 2 ohm voice coils but they still work. Again modern stuff is way better but they'll make plenty of noise. They hit 149.5 db in my Sonoma and 145 when I had an Avalanche.
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