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Originally Posted by Craizie View Post
The fact that anyone would equate those two things is just mind bottling.

The same people who sucked Trumps dick for the dumb shit he did are now trying to demonize Biden for the same dumb shit.

I hate democrats, but these white trash sister fuckers are making me hate the Republicans just as much.

It's like these fucks are trying to out hypocrite each other.
The hypocrisy is worse than I ever remember, maybe it's actually not and I just didn't notice, but it's painful. I hate both parties, but I really hate the Democrat party.

I get the "humor" or intent in the meme, and if you take it as a meme it shouldn't get under your skin too much. From the party that celebrates "My body, My choice" they sure don't practice that mantra.
Originally Posted by stevo View Post
Not a good idea to go Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor on the power phallus.

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