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Originally Posted by Gasser64 View Post
Don't give them any ideas.

All I can really say is just check it out via google. If you do enough reading on the subject, and you care about eating right, you won't want your microwave anymore. They have a bad habit of destroying a lot of nutrients, that "conventional heat" just doesn't. Of course cooking food in general does break them down, but obviously we have to cook a lot of our food. No need to add a nutrient destroying device to it.

And now that I'm getting into healthy eating, I can feel the difference. When I microwave something, I'm hungry again a couple of hours sooner. Depending on the meal (even healthy meals) I'll often feel tired or have somewhat unsettled guts after microwaving. I noticed that if I don't microwave, I just don't get those 2 drawbacks. So given my own experience, and reading up on it, I've decided to just skip the microwave. There does seem to be some options out there to replace it. Although they may not fit perfectly into your kitchen like a microwave will.

Why do all this? Got enough problems in life without food being one of them. Not when I can just eat right and feel much better.
I do not own a microwave. I don't see how microwaves agitating water would make the food lose nutrients more than putting fire on it.

**EDIT** I should have kept reading and saw bcoops response.
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