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Originally Posted by talisman View Post
Condition had nothing to do with Dannys post, quality of the desirability of what the yard actually contains did. The original ad is mostly junk with 2 or 3 old cars shown multiple times to make it look like there is actually valuable old stuff there. The cars shown aren't even very sought after. What Danny posted is an educated collectors wet dream. The first ad is some dude in a trailers idea of a collectors dream. Which is why the place can be bought for 60k.
I saw lots of parts that lots of people would be interested in. If the bottoms of all those doors are rust free you could make a killing on those. Plus a few odd vehicles here and there.

they are both nice yards, one just has a different selection than the other. It looked like the ebay yard was mainly trucks and car parts, whereas, Danny's was mainly cars still mostly whole.
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