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Originally Posted by fordracing19 View Post
I didn't put pre emergent out and my yard is covered in these weeds. Anything to put out at this point?
The guy that is doing my yard used had a bag of Bayer W&F 3-1 with 6 month weed protection. I was reading the bag as he was working. I had weeds just like that except bigger, he scalped the yard and then put this stuff down, I watered 24 hours later and everything seems to have been killed. I only have a small patch of clover leaf by the street, but other than that this shit works. I looked it up at Lowes and its pretty expensive, but I will be using the summer fertilizer since it seemed to work pretty good.
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Look all you want, she can't find anyone else who treats her as bad as I do, and I keep her self esteem so low, she wouldn't think twice about going anywhere else.
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