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I was having a conversation in this vein a little earlier. Back when I was 16 or 17, me, my mom, and my sister went to look at a car. Some shady little dump of a car lot in mexican town. This place had two entrances, one was a shared driveway with a warehouse out back. The main driveway was blocked by a car that wouldn't start, so we went in the shared entrance and parked behind the car that wouldn't start.

Guy that was showing us the car wouldn't touch it without rubber gloves on, so I am fairly sure that it was stolen. Bout the time we were getting ready to leave, a flatbed wrecker with a fairly new corvette came in the shared driveway, but it couldn't get by our parked car.

This guy came out of the warehouse and was extremely annoyed with us for blocking the path and desperate to get the corvette into his warehouse. We couldn't get out of here because the wrecker was blocking one driveway and the car that wouldn't start was blocking the other.

The wrecker driver was trying to be calm, but warehouse guy started screaming and told the wrecker to run us over if we didn't move. The car lot owner and the wrecker driver pushed the non running car out of the way and we got the fuck out of there.

In my eyes, the warehouse was likely a chop shop and was using the car lot to get rid of the junkier stolen cars. It was a bad situation and I feel lucky to have gotten out of there safely.

Me back then was just trying to get out of there, plus I was too young to have a gun. Me now, I probably would have drawn on him when he lost his shit and threatened to run me over.
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