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I've drawn once. I think I've shared the story before but I'll add it here. I was leaving Arby's (insert big Montana joke) on 377 in Keller. Not a bad area, several stores and a quick lube/tire shop surrounding it. As I get to my truck I hear tire squeal and turn to see a very rough looking early 2000 ford torus coming around the corner of the building opposite of designated traffic flow. A black guy yelling with the door already open as the car face my direction. I hop into my truck, grab Gun from console(not allowed to carry at work) and immediately draw on him. By that time he was 10ish feet from me on foot and hits the ground claiming he just wants directions. I tell him I don't know where he's going and can't help, Gun still aimed on him. He jumps in the car and takes off.

Did I have to draw? Maybe not. But there were enough things not right for me to be uncomfortable with what could be about to happen. I don't regret it. I'd do the same today.
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