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Originally Posted by ram57ta View Post
Let me propose a situation and see how most of you would handle it?
You've been at work late near downtown and get off work a little after midnight and as you're driving home you realize you are almost out of you stop at the closest 7-11 deep in the hood to get gas (in this case its the 7-11 across from Wynewood shopping center at Illinois and Zang Blvd)..its dark...card reader isn't working at the pump so you go into the store to notice a crackhead hanging out close to the front of the store but staying out of the view of the store employees by staying out of view behind the brick wall. Crackhead speaks out as you are going in asking for money and you say no and then go in, prepay and come back out. You are the ONLY customer at the gas station. As you walk toward your vehicle you hear footsteps approaching fast from behind you and as you near your vehicle you glance in the side mirror and see said crackhead less than 5 feet from you coming up quickly from behind.
What is your response?
I lived in that hood for 5 years and never had a problem. I see more BS in the burbs. So in your "situation," the correct response is turn around, and yell, "I said no and step the fuck back."

If you ever let anyone that close to you with ill intentions, you're probably fucked anyway. Most crackheads are looking for an easy score. Don't be easy and you won't have problems.

You need to learn to say no in a way with a look on your face that says I will fucking hurt you. It's not being mean. It's a safety thing.

I've seen more shit at gas stations in the burbs then in the OC. OC is safe contrary to the BS rumors. I have more criminal wanna bes in my "good neighborhood." It's because the parents move here wanting better for their kids but the kids don't get it. They just want free shit these days and if they have to steal it that's okay.
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