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Originally Posted by IHaveAMustang View Post
I was going to comment something along the same lines. Assert imeediate control of the situation by being loud and commanding. I would also assume the "Paul Blart Mall Cop" stance by pushing my left hand out and placing right hand on my pistol ready to draw. Make him know he's about to get into a world of hurt if he doesn't stop.

He keeps coming: Draw and level at chest

He keeps coming after that: Shoot until he is no longer a threat. Then call 911 for PD and Medics
Exactly what I was going to say..

I haven't been in a situation out in public where I felt the need to draw, but it really depends on the situation.

Now, around the house investigating noises or whatnot, my pistol is in my hand. Pointed down with my finger outside of the trigger guard, of course.
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