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I figured I'd give an update to this thread. After being out of commission for the longest damn time due to tennis elbow, I can finally lift again. I've been focusing more on dumbbells instead of the bar for bench presses. Seems like not having my arms anchored to the bar during the lift just feels better.

First off, commercial equipment makes all the difference. Of course, we all knew that, lol.

Anyhow, I've been improving my core during this time and backed the weight down prior to the tennis elbow. Today I decided to see what I can do. I was hoping to grab a flat bench but they were being used and the guys were taking their time with them so I grabbed an incline bench.

I started with the dip machine and some pushups to get warmed up. Then the following.

7 x 60 lb DB's
7 x 65 lb
7 x 70 lb
7 x 75 lb
3 x 80 lb

I was pretty pumped about lifting 80's. I tried 85's but I was spent. Thinking back now, I think I should have went in 10 lb increments and do way less reps. That's what I'm going to shoot for next time. I'd like to see what my 1 rep max is. Anyway, it felt damn good
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