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So this keeps the tfi?

Speed density?

I need to figure out what I want to do with my 93 cobra. It runs well, but I'm wanting to remove the old paxton and install my s trim on it. That'll mean 42# injectors.

I've got a pms, but I've never had a easy time with it. Can't get could driveability with the 50# injectors.
If you do the terminator X you can keep the TFI which is generally good up to about 7,000 rpm. The HP and Dominator box can run any ignition from TFI all the way to crank/cam triggered coil on plug.

If you ditch the 42s go straight to the 80 lbers that Ford Motorsport sells, they are the newer style injectors and can be turned way down with really precise control.

I have my car with the dominator box starting and idling pretty well with no IAC at all.
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What's your beef with NPR, because their listeners are typically more informed than others?
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Voting is a constitutional right, overthrowing the government isn't.
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