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Originally Posted by bcoop View Post
So infuriating watch Dak play. I don't understand how he can be so inconsistent but come up big when it counts. I mean I'll take it, he has a winner's mentality. He just doesn't look like a franchise QB.
Originally Posted by Juiced4v View Post
I know...I feel the same about Dak. He did make the big plays at the end to help us win the game...but man I pulled half my hair out during the game.

He has zero accuracy down the field. The "long" one he hit to Cooper this week was while he was standing still wide open. For the most part, anything over 15 yards, it seems like he just throws it up and hopes for the best, with no real feel for how far it will go. Forget about hitting anyone in stride. To be honest, I like to see him run the ball. I know we can't afford for him to get hurt, but he's dangerous on his feet, and I think we need more designed QB run plays or at least have him tuck and run a little sooner when no one is open. The defenses can't afford to keep a spy on him, and if they do, we should be able to exploit that with single coverage on Cooper or Zeke in the flat. That said, I'm just a dude at home watching this shit on TV, happy to see them win.
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