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Originally Posted by racrguy View Post
That's odd, I don't remember any phone system ever being taken over by the government. Where are you getting this information from, thin air?

You ever heard of a public service? NPR was never meant to draw a profit, but to provide a service. The EPA, DHS, TSA and FCC are all pure expenditure agencies. What's your beef with NPR, because their listeners are typically more informed than others?
The phone system isn't taken over by government? You're saying the NSA doesn't monitor every call and text? Tell me how it's not taken over.

I have heard of public service, not sure you have. NPR is a loss and provides nothing of value that cannot be gotten by any number of private sector avenues. You want news? AM or FM radio. NPR is unconstitutional and a waste of money. What service do they provide and I would like statistics on NPR listeners being more informed as well as where I may find differing opinions on NPR. I mean, NPR has a host that discusses corruption in NPR and their slant right?
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