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Originally Posted by HarrisonTX View Post
Will you explain a buy back? like a repo?
Once they hit 100k, people dump the cars. I saw a 4 door at 97k for $22k.
Is 100k when they start to go bad? Some cars are like that, kias and such.

Originally Posted by kingjason View Post
There was something else I can't remember but with just 50k miles it was a reminder of why I stear clear of GM products. They also have driveshaft, sunroof, and timing chain issues. 11 and back 6cyl at least had oil burning issues.

I really loved the design, comfort, and concept of that car and it had me looking hard at the Lexus FC cars since it would be all that and reliable.
Which is sad cause it used to be that GM was fairly reliable. All my GM buddies keep saying they've gone downhill. Maybe the loss in quality has something to do with all their financial problems.

Seems like the Lexus would be pretty reliable, what with being a toyota and all.
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