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Default Summit Racing Vaccum Pump

Just bought a Summit vaccum pump to help with a brake issue on a Fox coup with a stroker motor with a big cam. Has anyone mounted the pump in the trunk ? There is no room under the hood. Hoses could run under the carpet and down by the door sill then exit to the hood area. Any thoughts ?
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Baron Von Crowder
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inside the fenderwell?
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Iíve never ran one but I donít see why that wouldnít work. Or put it in the fender as suggested. Or swap to a hydro boost setup. I hate to see this site dying. Iíve been stalking it since Ď08.
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Old man uses one. Had one break the rod. But other has been solid. I'd just convert to manual brakes imho
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War Machine
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X2 manual brakes
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fender ftw w drain

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