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Default That thing ain't stock, is it?

So I try to drive my two Corvettes once a week as routine maintenance to keep things from rotting and going caput. I drive them long enough to get things up to temperature and of course I enjoy owning a high performance automobile. I have a business trip coming up and know no one drives the ZR-1 while I'm out of town. My wife will drive our C3, but not the beast.... so I get home from work and ask my son if he wants to go for a ride.

So we are out tooling about chatting, and this Mustang comes out of no where and starts making a lot of noise. I'm glad we had made it down to Mexico by this time, because it's not legal in the US. My son says I think he wants to race. So being in a kind mood, I kindly downshift to 3rd and press the throttle pedal and off we go slowly pulling away from the Mustang. I guess he thought he had found a normal C4 to mess with..... ooops. Anyway he pulls up along side after we've both slowed down and rolls down his window. I roll mine down too and he inquires, "that thing isn't stock, is it?" My reply was yes it's stock. He yells, "WHATEVER" and then drives off in a huff. I and my son both started laughing pretty hard.

Okay I have a Borla exhaust and a computer tune..... It's about as stock as a ZR-1 comes. Imagine the look on his face if I had headers and porting or a stroker. He'd have soiled his self.

That's kind of the joy of owning a ZR-1. Most people just don't know what they are. The sad part is that if I had been in a really racy mood, we were going slow enough I could've grabbed 2nd gear, but I didn't see any real reason to risk having the rear end step out on me and having to pedal and correct steering since we weren't actually racing.
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What kind of mustang was it, that's the most important detail.
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Not a very fast one. It was an '05-'10 GT. Like I said I just put it in 3rd and rolled into it slowly. If it'd have been a GT350R or Shelby or even an '11 plus I'm sure it'd have been different. I owned a '13 for over a year and know how they run.
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if i see that peekaboo window on the hood i leave it alone
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Originally Posted by scootro View Post
if i see that peekaboo window on the hood i leave it alone
Wrong ZR 1.

Look for the extra gap in the reverse lights as he pulls away from you.
Originally Posted by PGreenCobra
I can't get over the fact that you get to go live the rest of your life, knowing that someone made a Halloween costume out of you. LMAO!!
Originally Posted by Trip McNeely
Originally Posted by dsrtuckteezy
dont downshift!!
Go do a whooly in front of a Peterbilt.
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Where's Lundsted when I need him?
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fox+5k, foxbody =different story, it wasn't a foxbody

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