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Default Help me save some Thuja Green Giants

So, planted 8 2’ Thuja Green Giant trees almost 2 months ago. Been watering with a large sprinkler that reaches all of them with one shot. 2 of them are still green thru out, 2 look terrible and the last 4 are mostly green with brown tips. I picked up a drip line system to try a slow solid soaking. I put 4GPH drippers at each tree and ran it over night (8hrs) and expected the ground to be saturated but only had the same size wet spot as it did when it first started. I’m feel like I’m shooting in the dark here, all the dirt around is dry and cracked except for where I’ve been watering and with temps in the 100’s I don’t want to lose what I’ve got.

Is 4GPH good enough? Keep doing it every day/every other day/ suggestions? Switch to misters?

The other thing is the 2 that are green get partial shade in the morning due to the shop. I wonder if making something to partially shade the others would help

Fuck this sucks

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They do best with partial sun only, what kind of soil do you have? What are the “drippers” you put on it? 4gph is a slow application rate, which isn’t a problem, but if they are a true drip application then they will not saturate the root ball well with only one.
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I grabbed the little drip system from Home Depot. I think it’s mostly clay soil, I was thinking 4GPH wasn’t enough so I may try an 8 or 10gph mister.
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