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Default owb holster

what are your recommendations on a very concealable owb holster? ive looked high and low at pancake, paddle, etc... the holster must be at least able to attach/detach without removal of the belt.

for my shield, i'm strongly considering the comptac gladiator owb, for easy attachment with the snaps and more security than a paddle with the comfort of the leather back and kydex shell.

anything i'm missing? not looking to wait several months for this one. already did that with my mika pocket holster for my j frame, and my milt sparks iwb
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Comp-Tac makes a solid paddle holster, I've owned a few over the years and currently own two for my full size 1911 and Glock 21. I also have Safariland paddle holsters with the QLS for the same guns in order to make it easy to remove the holsters when I go on road trips or somewhere I can't carry a gun like the Post Office. They are not as "concealable" as a belt holster though because they do not get the gun/holster as close to the body, the paddle pushes it out some.

If you want concealable, go with a belt holster. If you want something that's easy to remove, think about a holster like a Safariland, T-Rex, G-Code, or Bladetech and a quick release option like Safariland's QLS, G-Code's RTI, Bladetech's Tek Lok, etc.

I use a Safariland holster with the ALS lock and a QLS release for a paddle for my 1911 and a Glock 21. I also have a T-Rex Ragnarok with a QLS release for a Safariland paddle for my Glock 17. The Safariland holsters are bulky and they do show under a cover shirt pretty easily. The Ragnarok isn't as bad but I don't like how it holds the gun in. The Comp-Tac paddles aren't that bad as far as concealable but in order to be secure, they are not as easy to remove as one of hte other holsters with the QLS.

Not sure if I helped or not. But those are the holsters I've had experience with.
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Old 05-07-2018, 03:43 AM   #3
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Check out X-Concealment also. It conceals really good for me.
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SS Junk
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Blade Tech is alright and hugs the body well. Only problem is the holster sits a little low so with an average t-shirt the bottom of the holster may be seen if the arms are raised close to parallel with the ground.
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I carry my G19 in Galco Fletch pretty regularly. It's comfortable, has a thumb break and seems to ride high enough to stay concealed in a tshirt.
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