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Originally Posted by GhostTX View Post
Good stuff. We got in line for the leadership forum at 10:50 and got into the auditorium at 11:55. Security set up was run by TSA with metal detectors, then after that were Secret Service doing (seemingly) random wand checks. The speaking went from noon and still was going at 4:30 when we left. Got to see Cox, Pence, Trump, Abbot, Cornyn, Cruz, Lapierre, "Oz", Diamond & Silk. Took the kids to the air rifle range and we closed the place down. I didn't get a chance to check out the exhibition hall.

I'm going to go tomorrow and will bring my backpack and a pen. And carry.
One other thing I should add is to bring your own water. Either bottled or in a water bottle. Paid $3.75 for a bottle only to leave it in one of the conference rooms. Grrrr...

Man I didn't realize the forum lasted that long. Caught part of it on video. One thing that surprised me is I saw a Secret Service agent wearing a vest and everything else. What surprised me was how young he looked. Maybe I'm getting old and didn't see any other agents but damn... Wonder if they security will be the same or less tomorrow.

Originally Posted by John -- '02 HAWK View Post
Sounds some of yall had a better time than I did.

It was raining

35 had an accident that backed up traffic by 45 minutes

I haven't been downtown in years. So everywhere I looked for parking was blocked off or full. finally found a parking lot. There wasn't a parking attendant and due to the rain the machine to pay at was on the fritz, so there was a long line. Once I got to the machine it kept rebooting, it finally came back online and I was able to pay but there wasn't any receipt paper/proof of purchase for the spot. Did I mention it was raining, and didn't have an umbrella, luckly I left a hat in the car when I went to nascar

Walked to the show with the anxiety of the car getting towed. Walked past the 6 protestors. From the news, a majority were PETA protesters who want to stop animal violence.

Missed the first session I wanted to go to. The second one "Concealed Carry Methods" got interrupted by some old man who thought he needed to make a ridiculous point.

Had some so-so ribs and a dr pepper all for the cheap price of $21

Walked the floor, and wasn't able to find an AR handguard for a project build that I liked

then I wasn't paying attention to the time and missed the third session I wanted to goto.

The final bummer was not a lot of gun bunnies

So based on today's crowds I don't think I want to go back tomorrow, but I did get to look at the sig I'm interested in and looked at a lot of the red dots and laser's
Man that sucks. Sounds like you had a bad day. I was also at the "Concealed Carry Methods" but left a little early as I got a work call I had to answer plus had to pick up my knife that I dropped off for sharpening and had a full schedule with the seminars and didn't want to run late picking it up.

I don't know if you heard him call out someone for video recording him but I was sitting right behind her. He didn't accuse her but right before he called her out he was thanking all the liberal media in attendance and said he cleaned himself up from looking liking a mass murderer which was funny. Thought it was odd as she looked out of place there and after she stopped recording she was visibily upset the rest of the time until I left.

Gun bunnies? Hot vendor chicks? I saw some hot chicks but I didn't get a chance to do a lot of walking around. I only walked maybe a quarter of the vendors but didn't see anything see any AR handguards. What exactly were you looking for?

Just some additional feedback. I'm expecting parking to be worse tomorrow. It wasn't bad today and it was raining. But it was still a little bit of a walk (which didn't bother me) and a PITA to find a spot and to get in and out of. Parking cost me $20 to the lot I went to away from the convention center. Bring cash but at least on the off site lot they had a machine you can pay for parking at. But save yourself the trouble and bring cash. Eat before you go and eat heavy. Didn't look at what they were serving but everyone I heard from said it's expensive and wasn't that great. Bring your own water. I paid $3.75 for a bottle of water only to leave it in a conference room. Bring a big pack and a pen. Lots of catalogs and product information being given out. Plus a lot of giveaways. Bringing your own pen makes it easier to sign up for the giveaways. And there were a lot of them. If you are expecting to see someone in the industry that you think should be there, check for them on social media as not everyone that will be there is not "officially" listed. I follow Colion Noir (sp?) and found out later that he was at one of the booths. Saw others but didn't get a chance to see them because of the seminars I was attending and also the long lines. If you are taking pictures on your phone and using a phone a lot, bringing a charger if you think it will die early. Lounge areas with wall chargers are located downstairs in the conference areas. Plus a nice place to take a break and sit down in quiet environment. Lots to see and do and I honestly thing it will take more than a single day to take it all in. Crashing out now for another day there tomorrow.
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I hope all had a great time! At least it was live on the net.
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Originally Posted by GhostTX View Post
Good stuff. We got in line for the leadership forum at 10:50 and got into the auditorium at 11:55. Security set up was run by TSA with metal detectors, then after that were Secret Service doing (seemingly) random wand checks.
CBP was running a few of the lines as well. I saw one secret service agent walking around the expo area with a vest and a rifle and another without a rifle supervising the TSA group. I also saw Donald Jr when he walked in because he used the same entrance and he had a detail of 6 plain clothed agents and another with a vest watching them that I saw. I was wanded by a TSA agent after the check point btw.
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I got to the exhibition hall at 12:30 and walked the whole thing, though the last hour I had to hurry up to see the last bit. Promised the wife I wouldn't buy anything, but it was SO tempting. I like the Silent Co. had a kiosk that got you a one item trust fund on the spot for purchasing a suppressor.

Picked up a lot of online code coupons, so perhaps buy some stuff online later. Most of the codes expire end of May/June.
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