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Default Bill Nye's "Sex Junk" gets nominated for an Emmy

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Man, The Onion is great.
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All you can do at this point with anything regarding Bill Nye is just to laugh.

Bill Nye's hackery is showing again.

Airing on his new Netflix special called Bill Nye Saves The World, the Not A Scientist Guy and hero of the Left, featured the world's most insane, anti-science segment about sexuality and gender performed by a sitcom actress, a profession, of course, filled with people famous for their extensive knowledge of biology.

The performance by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actress Rachel Bloom was given a glowing endorsement by Nye, who introduced the song(?) as "very special." Within the performance, Bloom suggests that sex and gender are on a "spectrum" and that her "sex junk" is "much more than either or," meaning it's non-binary.

So. Much. Science.

"My vagina has its own voice / Not vocal cords, a metaphorical voice / Sometimes I do a voice for my vagina," she sings. Charming.

Then there are these super-scientific lines: "Versatile love may have some butt stuff / It's evolution, ain't nothing new / There's nothing taboo about a sex stew."

In effect, whatever was left of the manmade climate change zealot's credibility was officially wiped out, unlike our Antarctic ice sheets. Of course, there wasn't too much credibility left to demolish; this is a guy who once suggested climate change dissent be criminalized and said poignantly "many, many, many, many more hundreds of eggs are fertilized than become humans."

There really are no words suitable to describe the unhinged absurdity of the segment, so here's the video with full lyrics for you to witness for yourself. (My sincere apologies for the awfulness in advance.)

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Originally Posted by CWO View Post
Man, The Onion is great.
If only it were an onion article.

Truth is stranger than fiction.
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Chromosome deniers.
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Time Served
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He's so awesome when he stars bobbing his head at that dope beat!
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anthony has 2 xs

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