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Originally Posted by Gasser64 View Post
Broken personality lol. You don't understand. At this point we'd take a man who's personality was so broken, that the very first thing he did at every speech, was to jerk off in front of everybody.

As long as he gets the fucking job done.

There you go, now you know.

And we were desperate for this job to be done. He's getting it done, fuck his "personality".

This is not a personal attack it's just that you constantly hear from the left about how he must somehow suck at his job because he says this, he acts like that, he hurt someone's wittle feewings. Sorry, no. He's doing exactly what he was elected to do. Exactly. I can't complain about his performance to date. He makes the last 4 presidents look like the lowlife scumbags they were. I'd accept that description, or if you want to be nice to them, I'd take woefully incompetent.
He's a leader!!!! That's what we needed. Not a politician that was going to do whatever the media, NWO or pressure tells him to do.
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Saudi Arabia became a global leader after Jimmy Carter and China after Bill Clinton. Every president since has bowed to both countries (literally in the case of Obama) and neither of them have our best interests in mind.

We've surpassed the Saudis in oil production recently and we have a working relationship with North Korea now. The Saudi's have wielded a lot of power over the years by controlling oil production and China got a pass for keeping North Korea from bombing South Korea and Japan. The United States took that power away from both countries in the last 3 years.

The EU has been fondling us ever since the Euro became their standard currency. Our dollar is worth .91 euros right now, it was worth .73 near the end of Obama's term. It was worth 1.3 Canadian dollars before Obama and sunk to .96 under Obama. It's back to $1.33 today. British pounds were .62 and are .82 now. I know currency valuation isn't everything but a stronger dollar makes it more expensive for foreigners to come here and buy up all of our prime real estate and businesses.
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Originally Posted by line-em-up View Post
He's a leader!!!! That's what we needed. Not a politician that was going to do whatever the media, NWO or pressure tells him to do.
That's just it. Not everyone is perfect. Lots of people want to overlook what has been done because mean ol' Drumph says mean things and hurts feelings. I don't think he's broken. He's just another loud mouthed New Yorker, however he's doing an outstanding job. Far better than any other polished turd that he ran against on either side. Those who voted him in should learn to compromise and accept the fact Trump is not going to change or pander to voters who have more delicate feelings. It's not like he became this way once getting into office. He was always verbally aggressive throughout his entire campaign.
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