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Default Need some Windsor info... opinions please.

I have a Ford Lightning 5.8/351 in my car... been in there now for several years. Runs pretty good but I have a question for you Windsor guys;

Should the oil fill cap on the valve cover be vented or sealed? (mine is sealed... but it's not the original cap)

Seems to me it might should be vented to allow the PVC system to draw air through the crankcase...

What are y'all running on your cars?

What say you?

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I run mine with a vented/filter/oil cap and I removed the tube that ran from the valve cover to the cold air intake and plugged it at the valve cover. I think it looks cleaner this way. Thatís why I did it. Many will tell you to leave it as stock for the pcv to work properly.
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Thx for the info...

I originally used a vented cap/filter but when I changed back to the GT40 style plenum, there wasn't room because of the tall valve covers.... hence the reason for the low profile/non-vented cap on there now.

Car seems to run fine as is with little noticable difference between vented/non-vented options.

I like to imagine it's like running a poor man's crankcase vacuum system... whether that's accurate or not, I'm not sure.

I think I'll just leave it as is for now.

Again... thanks
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lost in east tx, nay says he'll plug it, no clue what ur doin, oil filler cap= 30hp

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