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Originally Posted by abecx View Post
I am making a radar gun with my Arduino, like those things you see on the side of the road that tell you how fast your going cause I be tired of speeding cars in residential.

A couple of things to consider:

1. You WILL have retards that see that and want to use your street as a drag strip to see how fast their bro-dozer goes. I heard a guy burning out to speed by the police one in front of my house. An 8th of a mile away. Its that far to the end of my street and that's where the big burnout marks were. Needed a paintball gun. Sans the big burnout, this happened a lot. The cops were too lazy to come write tickets, so their stupid speeding encouragement sign had the opposite effect that people wanted.

2. You might have better effect by manipulating the speeders rather than trying to inform them of their speed. Those "Slow- Children Playing" signs are pretty well known now, and a lot more people will slow down in an effort to avoid hitting a kid, than they will just because someone thinks they're going too fast. To clarify I'm talking about the little neon yellow plastic signs in the shape of a kid with a red hat on. You can put a long flag in the hand.
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Oh i wasnt going to leave this out, I was just bored and wanted to see if I could make it work. If anything I'll just do it one late Saturday evening while sitting next to it. I doubt it'll be super accurate.
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