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Default BBQ tools

So I've gone through some crappy cheap tongs and spatulas and now I want a decent set. Looking for what you guys and bought and liked or disliked.
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I usually use a set of tongs I picked up at Lowes and the spatula is a Texas Rangers one which works well but if you are doing burgers it'll shave the meat when you slide it out. For vegetables I use a grilling basket from walmart and it absolutely sucks because the grates are too far apart on the sides.

Most of the time though I'm doing brisket, whole chickens or pork shoulders and gloves are all I need.
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Bad Santa
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I like to use high temp gloves for bbq moving.
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Personally i don't like the giant bbq spatulas and tongs, just find a local restaurant supply store and go get some industrial grade stuff. Cotton gloves with nitrile gloves over them also work for moving things like brisket and ribs or even wings up to about 350 degrees.
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svo use his hands

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