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Originally Posted by Strychnine View Post
I'd just like to throw this out there:
I think we might have only met once or twice in passing (I dropped in on one of your infamous house parties back in the day with some of the old schoolers - and you had the handle of Crown in your hand, as expected), but you seem to be a genuinely fucking great dude. I see all the pics on FB of mutual friends coming to visit you out in CO, you're a positive viewpoint here, never name calling, never getting in the weeds (politics, social shit, etc)... I cant think of one time you've been a dick to anyone. No real point here other than thanks for offering Ben all that stuff in the future. Keep being awesome.
Jared is fucking awesome, and a hell of a poet!
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and the babydaddy is-nay, jacking off is a sport, kid looks like svo

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