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Originally Posted by Murph Tang View Post
I've used the RCA flat black panels with good success.

Cut the cord and get all the local channels in HD for free.

The HD reception via antenna is much better than the direct TV HD or cable signal I was getting.
I found one of these in one of the trailers I bought flip and works just fine. Fuck cable. First off I donít really watch that much TV really. Itís mostly Internet without Internet Iíll probably kill myself. Just good high-speed Internet Netflix and Xbox live and of course YouTube and some twitch.

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i have a strange 2 antenna hookup to 1 TV but it works great. it's strange because one is amplified and one is not. you'd think it'd work better with both amplified. my samsung tv has a great built in tuner. no name tv's are a pain in the ass with antenna's and crappy built in tuners

- two RCA flat black panels
- one amplified and one not
- splitters out to the TV
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Default Antenna

I bought a rooftop antenna from Amazon that got up to a 50 mile range. I am about 25 miles from the local towers. I just put it in the attic and used my cable co's amplifier and works great on 5-6 tv's thru the splitter. I can pickup all of the local Dallas/Ft.Worth channels no problem.

I have since moved it onto the pole I already had on my chimney to see if I could get better reception. I can't tell the difference. In the attic was fine.

I will tell you the picture quality with a good signal will always beat cable or satellite signals. Those 2 are compressed. Over the air is not compressed and weather does not impact my signal at all. YMMV.
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svo just use finger

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