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For the Arlo kit we bought there's no subscription fee unless you want it monitored or more than 5 cameras. It's just the base cost and you monitor it yourself.
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Not a good idea to go Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor on the power phallus.

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Originally Posted by Gasser64 View Post
Hmm.. I guess all windows done to detect break in or even just being opened, same with the front doors. Cameras that can see in the dark to cover all approach angles. They also record on some network attached storage somewhere, and keep a week backlog before erasing it to save space. Sends something to your phone, or sets off external alarms or both if someone triggers the system and tries to get in after you arm it when you go to bed. As well as turns on all the motion sensor lights, which also cover anywhere vulnerable.

Imho this stuff would be pretty basic, but it looks like it could get pretty expensive to cover all or most of your bases. I'd like to get into home hardening but again, the expense.
Not familiar with other brands but the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 setup I have have cameras that have IR plus have audio microphones and speakers (I can listen in plus speak through them). Right now I'm just using the Cloud setup but I believe it also allows for local storage via a USB plug on the local WiFi hub that everything goes through.

The free Cloud storage allows for 5 attached cameras and 7 days of backup. From what I remember, adding additional cameras or storage was pretty minimal. Although I've had this setup since Spring (I think?) I haven't messed around with playing around with the settings much.

Originally Posted by Gasser64 View Post
I was hoping for something you'd buy once, and monitor yourself. Maybe you pay for a land line so it calls the cops. Or maybe you don't, and you just keep your phone near you and it calls you. Then you call the cops. I'm just kind of tired of so many subscriptions I guess lol
Again not being familiar with other setups, the Arlo Pro 2 seems to have a lot of bases covered. Good app that's easy to access, fingerprint access, it alerts me to any motion or sound and records it, I'm able to speak through the cameras as well as sound an alarm. The only downside I see if the cost, because it's a "name brand" it isn't cheap. I was lucky to have picked my 4 camera setup on sale and planning on adding a 5'th camera to max up the free cloud access.
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Thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a look. I would think that being able to look back for 1 full week would be plenty, but I like the fact that it's expandable. Then again I guess it depends on the program/app. Maybe it'll jump to points of movement for you if you just want to scroll through and take a look at what's been going on. It's been a long time since I got to fiddle around with a security program.
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I now have six Zmodo cameras set up at the house. Five inside and one outside, with more outside cameras on the way. I dig them, and setup is a breeze now that I got it figured out. Two complaints though - if I have it setup to alert me of motion, I get alerts every couple of minutes. It’s non-fucking-stop. And there is no motion where these are. I just had to turn that shit off. Other issue is I get 4-5 messages every day about buying the stupid cloud recording packages. There’s got to be a way to turn that off, I hope. I just need to dig a little further.
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