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Allstate Dominguez Agency
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Lightbulb Business owners looking to offer benefits to employees come on in!! No cost to you.

I've had several business owners here on DFWmustangs reach out regarding offering benefits for your employees. Figured I'd post it for everyone else who may be interested in offering benefits to any employees give me a holler. Shoot me an e-mail for fastest response. tdominguez@allstate.com

Also, If you work for a company and don't currently have benefits with your company and know anyone from HR we can contact to give details, that would also be a good way to introduce our options for your employer.

We cater to small businesses, but we have no issue catering to helping out a huge corporation as well as long as we can speak to the key persons making certain business decisions.

Hope we can help get more people protected.


817-405-2011 office
214-244-1043 cell
Allstate Insurance
Dominguez Agency
1101 E. Bardin Rd. suite 141
Arlington, TX. 76018
Give us a call so we can take a look at your insurance needs, we may be able to save you $$!!

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