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Allstate Dominguez Agency
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Default Business owners you can offer employee benefits at NO cost to you!! & Save $$

I have several benefit plans available through Allstate that can cater to your employees needs & coverage plans available for business owners the same.

If you're an employee & would like your employer to offer benefits I can visit with them as well to discuss what options we have available.

Any of you that currently have benefits, we can review your current plans to see if we can offer anything to cover any gaps in current benefit plans.

These plans Allstate has available are state specific but I can cater to any state, so any of you that are out of Texas, I can still offer your company plans as well.

We can offer plans for big corporation type companies and small businesses alike, with as little as two employees even. Any of you who may have a company that has less than 2 employees, I can offer you certain individual plans as well.

Tony Dominguez
Allstate Insurance
Dominguez Agency
1101 E. Bardin Rd. suite 141
Arlington, TX. 76018
Give us a call so we can take a look at your insurance needs, we may be able to save you $$!!
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