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Originally Posted by jluv View Post
Kinda bummed. Weve eaten probably half of the 12 dozen, and the dozen that we thawed and opened yesterday had some mold on them. Just a couple of spots on the end, but enough to kinda gross us out. Honestly, I had noticed a few small black spots on the earlier batches, but told myself it was just something else. On this last batch, the spots were a little bigger, and clearly mold. These were frozen when we we got them, and they went straight into the deep freeze downstairs, which stays well below zero. They take 2.5 full days to thaw in the fridge and yesterday was day 3, so I dont know why these have mold. Weve never had any issues with anything else, so I really think these probably had mold when they were shipped.

The mold spots were just on the ends, and we cut that off and ate them anyway, and were still alive. They still taste good! Not sure if Ill do that again, though. Grosses us out just a little.
Use gringos call those dry aged tamales.
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