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Default I need a small transmission to mate to a 4cyl military engine?

Im collaborating with another YouTuber and we're trying to figure out how to get this 4a032 military engine to mate to the axle of a gokart. I dont want to use a cvt setup or anything. I really want to have 3 or more forward gears and reverse. Only thing I can think of is an old school 3 speed transmission or a motorcycle transmission. The issue is that the engine only makes around 15-25hp. Automotive transmissions are geared for higher hp and most motorcycle transmissions dont have reverse. We thought about using a trans-axle setup out of a mower but the hydra-static stuff sucks and doesnt go very fast.
So, i need something with a clutch, forward gears, reverse, light weight, and preferably direct drive.
Oh, and this isnt meant to be practical at all. Just building it for the sake of YouTube vids.
heres a pic of the engine
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These go to eleven...
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Diff and transmission all in one.

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Isn't that a generator engine? Gas or diesel?
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68 or later VW transaxle. They have irs (half-safts) and advanced adapter
made all kind of adapters for them. Finding a transaxle out of a VW bus
might help as they have gear reducers on them.
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