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These go to eleven...
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Default TWS taken out by hurricane Harvey

From Joey Todd FB page:

TWS is no more.

To all my friends in Texas and beyond whom I have met through and/or flung rubber with around the TWS circuit- it was announced today that TWS is ceasing all motorsports operations and all events are cancelled. The short version is that it is far more valuable as a storage facility for flooded cars than it is for running a handful of events on the road course over the next few months.

I received my severance notice by email at 3:47p yesterday, shortly after the lease agreement was signed. If you have any questions or concerns about the events or testing you had scheduled, I am unfortunately not in a position to help.

It's been a long, strange trip. We arrived in College Station in 2011 to set up our safety gear shop at the track (Denise had just left teaching and I had literally worked myself out of my job at a telecom firm in Dallas). Shortly thereafter most of the staff at TWS left and we felt obligated - as the only people with motorsports background still involved - to take on management of the facility. We sacrificed countless hours, gave up almost every weekend with the kids and worked through seemingly impossible odds to turn that ship around for a fraction of our previous salaries, growing it from 34 booked weekends per year to 48, building the school from 65 drivers to sellouts at 150, and forcing it into a net profit (against it's will it often seemed).

Along the way we met some wonderful people, some great characters and a handful of... well... people we'll choose not to remember . I speak for Denise in saying that despite all the hardship, the thankless hours, the flooded tunnels! after-hours phone calls, two major thefts and a shooting, we honor and cherish the good times we had with a lot of truly wonderful people. I would like to thank specifically: Martin Cain, David and Levica Smith, James Evans, Ben McNeil, Mike Globe, Pam Fitzgerald, Charles Von Schmidt, Pat Quinlan, Bill Forehand Louis and Margie Neveu and John Norgard for all their help. And mad props to every corner and rescue worker who made sure we were all safe over the weekend.

For those of you I may not bump into down the road, I wish you all the best. As this came suddenly and unexpectedly we are both scrambling to find gainful employment. Aside from WRL events I will be leaving the motorsports business and going back to what I do best - telecom and datacenter design and management. Denise has a much broader background in customer service, oil/gas sales, teaching and finance. Feel free to pass on any leads or just keep in touch!
The bathrooms may have been a bio hazard, but it was the best track in TX (besides COTA).
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rm -rf /
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Originally Posted by jw33 View Post
From Joey Todd FB page:

The bathrooms may have been a bio hazard, but it was the best track in TX (besides COTA).
COTA may be nicer, but TWS was a better track IMO
Looks like my CMC track record will hold forever for TWS

Sad day for racing
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I realize the track is probably gone forever, however, these types of sites are toxic by the time they are finished with them. After doing some research after Hurricane Sandy, Copart was nothing but a nightmare for the locals both in appearance, tenancy and in cleanup after the fact and this isn't just a 4 month deal and suddenly 10,000 cars are gone. Some sites in New Jersey had cars for 18 months and those were the small sites. TWS can probably take 50,000 cars depending on how much they leased out and I'm pretty sure it will be difficult to develop the land and sell houses with all that mess sitting "across the street" from $250-300k homes. Makes me again question whether they were really ready to start moving dirt or not. Either way, sad but I am hoping I'm right again.
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