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Default ABC's Of Death

I'm surprised there is not a thread on this yet.

Saw it a few days ago and the movie ranged from "original" to "WTF".

Some of it had moments of genius, some horrendous, some lazy and some of it was quite idiotic bordering on being unwatchable.

It was a mixed bag... dunno if I can recommend it, but it wasn't boring.

There's a red band trailer out if ya wanna google it...

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Originally Posted by talisman View Post
I wonder if there will be a new character that specializes in bjj and passive agressive comebacks?
Originally Posted by AdamLX View Post
If there was, I wouldn't pick it because it would probably just keep leaving the game and then coming back like nothing happened.
Originally Posted by Broncojohnny View Post
Because fuck you, that's why
Originally Posted by 80coupe View Post
nice dick, Idrivea4banger
Originally Posted by Rick Modena View Post
......and idrivea4banger is a real person.
Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Man ive always wanted to smoke a bowl with you. Just seem like a cool cat.
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