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Default Proposal for No more ‘gun-free zones’ in Florida? Lawmakers float plan to end them

This will be interesting to see how this plays out. It would be nice to see a lot of the gun free zones removed here locally.


Concealed guns at Miami Dolphins games, local bars and even voting booths could be commonplace under a sweeping measure introduced this week in the Florida Legislature.

With the recent, tragic history of the Pulse nightclub massacre last June in Orlando and the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting last month, two conservative Republican lawmakers want to do away with all of Florida’s “gun-free zones” — 15 locations in state law where concealed weapons are currently prohibited.

Sen. Dennis Baxley, of Ocala, and Rep. Don Hahnfeldt, of The Villages, have proposed eliminating all state-imposed restrictions on where Florida’s concealed weapons permit-holders can carry their guns — with the goal of allowing businesses, institutions and people to have greater control over their own protection, Hahnfeldt said.

If the proposal (SB 908/HB 803) became law, that would mean concealed guns could be carried in a plethora of places they aren’t allowed now — at Florida’s 15 seaports and in police, sheriff and highway patrol stations; jails and prisons; courthouses; airport passenger terminals; polling places; government and legislative meetings; public K-12 schools; public college and university campuses; school, college and professional athletic events; career centers; and bars and other establishments that serve alcohol.

Hahnfeldt said the only location restrictions that would remain intact would be those imposed by federal law, which the state cannot control. Private property-owners could still choose to prohibit concealed guns.

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They should still have the state's equivalent of the 30.06 sign whereby a property owner can post a sign saying they do not want that there, and you'll have to disarm or leave. All this should do is remove the state's "ban" on carrying in those places and leave it up to the property owner which is really the best thing to do anyways!
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