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Originally Posted by bcoop View Post
Sorry to say that yes, all of that is very standard as far as orders go. Non custodial parent is responsible for 100% medical, dental, etc in addition to child support. Neither parent can move out of a bordering county but I've seen many times where a specific school district is named. She didn't report additional income, that's on her. Even if she did report it, it's income, therefore he gets his cut. The fact that the extra income isn't available anymore is irrelevant. She needs to get a second job. As someone else mentioned, him cheating has zero bearing on the way custody is viewed (nor should it). The 2 bedroom dwelling is also state law. You have to provide a bedroom for the child. I'm not saying she's not getting jerked around by the ex, but she is being treated exactly as fathers have been treated by Texas Family Courts for decades. That's just the truth.
Good to know. Apparently in the revised terms (based on that contract work) there was a stipulation that set a minimum time before her income could be reviewed again... and it's measured in years, not months

Originally Posted by Big A View Post
Huh? That doesn't make sense to me at all, if it's a percentage of income, and the income drops, then the child support should also drop accordingly. What if the paying parent loses their good job in a shitty market, and can't find something that pays near the same? Or they have a sales job and commission is abysmal for a couple budgets? That person is meant to suffer, and be worse off than the deadbeat that's living off the tit?

Originally Posted by Big A View Post
Man, imagine if you could have put all that in your 401k...

Originally Posted by svauto-erotic855 View Post
My personal observations have taught me this; any woman that doesn't have custody of her own children is a pretty sorry woman to begin with. Your friend may claim that she's getting fucked over but in all likelihood she's not and being away from her is going to rescue those children.
Would that be from your observations of the morals and habits of the cheating housewives you claim to have bedded? Or your felon friends? Or just the myriad swinging whores you roll around with?

And here's your red text
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Bored hot housewives are some of the funnest things out there.
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Captain Crawfish
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Chances are the lawyer bitch causing the problems probably knows the judge. This is how it works. Itís a big club and sounds like your gf ainít in it!
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Originally Posted by Captain Crawfish View Post
Chances are the lawyer bitch causing the problems probably knows the judge. This is how it works. Itís a big club and sounds like your gf ainít in it!
This is entirely possible.
Originally Posted by BradM View Post
But, just like condoms and women's rights, I don't believe in them.
Originally Posted by Leah View Post
In other news: Brent's meat melts in your mouth.
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