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Default Gas grill problems

I am having a problem with gas grill. The regulator will freeze up and choke off the gas flow. I replaced the regulator with one from Lowes and have the same problem. All of the regulators I can find are the same sealed/crimped made in China trash. Does anyone know of a better quality (made in the US) regulator that can been taken apart to service it?
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It might be the check valve in the propane tank shutting off the flow.

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I found the adjustable type seemed to work, but the others were crap.
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What brand of gas grill do you have? I have a Weber Genesis model that is now 20 years old and they are almost bullet proof. I've replaced the igniter switch, Flavorizer bars, and the grates just once over that period of time and it sits outside on the deck under a Weber cover 24/7. I think I have the original regulator.
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