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Originally Posted by GeorgeG. View Post
This is basically where I'm at. The heave weights that I worked up to always left my shoulders sore for most of the week. This was after making adjustments like tucking elbows in, switching to dumbbells, etc.

Now, the older I get, I'm noticing much older people and how a lot of them are over weight, aren't very mobile, can't stand straight, can't put on a pair of pants, etc. My focus seems to have made a shift towards more cardio, stretching and basically maintaining a decent physic rather than going for Mr. Oplymia so that hopefully I can wipe my own butt when I'm 70.

Started BSing with this guy at 24 in Mansfield one night. I used the old line, I am too old for this shit. He laughed and said he use to think that also. However all of his friends that quit going to the gym have died. I asked how old he was and he stated like 57 or 62 or something. Big ole dude and I would have guessed late 40's. Most people that guess think I am late 30's to early 40's, but I am late 40's. I stop people in my age bracket all the time and think, fuck you look old. Drugs or weight are two biggest contributors to that usually.
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Itís very satisfying being able to talk shit, lift and keep up with those dingleberries more than half my age.
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