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my Maserati does 185
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Originally Posted by jluv View Post
We have a Flip 3 and a Flip 4. They sound pretty dang good for their size, and we've beat them up pretty good with dirt and rain and haven't had any issues. The battery seems to last forever. Would recommend.
We had a Flip 3, the only thing that killed it was somebody trying to force an incorrect charging cable into it. That's when we got the 4.
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Thanks guys. This arrived today..
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Originally Posted by dcs13 View Post
Thanks guys. This arrived today..
Sweet! I bet you'll dig it.
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Good choice! I have a Flip 4 also and I'm very happy with the sound.
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I have the Bose SoundLink Revolve+, and am pretty happy with it so far (just got it in June). I actually chose it as my 10 year anniversary service award from work (we're given 20-30 varying product options to choose from).

The sound is really good, about what you would expect from Bose. Bass is great on the lower levels but starts fading fast as you turn it up loud. Pretty typical for Bose in my experience, to keep it from distorting.

It connects immediately when turned on, and the battery life is fantastic. I can listen to it for hours after a full charge, and the next time I turn it on it's still at 90%.

The main, and really, only complaint I might make is the price, but since I didn't pay for it...

If I were buying one out of my pocket, I'd probably be more likely to go with the JBL as well. In fact, at their price point, as compared to the Bose, I'd probably go ahead and buy two or more, so I could link them when using them around the house / yard.
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