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Originally Posted by kingjason View Post
I like both.

It is not the bass that gets ya fellas it is the high pitch stuff. Drove around with monster stereos all of high school, and a few years after. Still have excellent hearing, probably more damage from the gun range than anything else. Never had anything in the 160db range though. Put on some damn Last Night or two live crew dammit!
You would have liked the system in my old Supra...which made it's way into my Trans Am. Linear Power and Alpine amps, Audiocontrol processors and Epicenter, MB Quart Q series separates in the front (the early ones..not the cheap shit that came later), Boston Pro separates in the rear...wasn't built for dB....I built it for sound quality. 1 single Fosgate Power series DVC 10 in a sealed box in the Supra...it sounded like 2 12's. I originally started out with JL 10W6's but after the 2nd one failed Earmark gave me that shiny new Fosgate Power 10...still have it today. The system in my T/A never sounded as good as what I had in the Supra...same equipment...sub enclosure made all the difference. I miss that old Supra.
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Originally Posted by DON SVO View Post
What’s the song in the first vid?

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The Bad
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Originally Posted by FunFordCobra View Post
¡Gracias amigo!
Originally Posted by PGreenCobra
I can't get over the fact that you get to go live the rest of your life, knowing that someone made a Halloween costume out of you. LMAO!!
Originally Posted by Trip McNeely
Originally Posted by dsrtuckteezy
dont downshift!!
Go do a whooly in front of a Peterbilt.
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get off my lawn!, nay drain balls 2 bass, petra loudspeakers, rockford fosgates=win, small penis advertisement, svo can fart louder, svo gets 172db from 6x9, what??!!!!!!

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