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Scott Mc
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Default At my wits end with my charging system.

Ok, so I have had voltage issues off an on with my 65 bird. Had it working well till I put on the FI tech and additional accessories(too much amperage) so I switched to an internal regulated tuff stuff 100 amp alternator a few months back. Life was glorious untill it killed the bearings (followed by internals) in BFE Conroe. I plugged my external regulator back in and slapped an Autozone alternator on it to get home. The volts never got above 12.8 on the way home. Warrantied the internal regulated for a high amp external, replaced the regulator and now I am in the same place. I have tested all my connections, wires and grounds. Used my meter to test all connections and draws and they are below all guidelines. I have called my tech buddies and we are at a loss. The only thing we can figure is the battery (running a 6 month old, top end dodge charger battery) has lost a cell or has (new to me) a cold cell. It is the last part to replace, but I have doubts on that being the fix. Any of you guys have any ideas?
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